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Current shows: Real People 2014, Clay Mirth 2014, and the Workshop for Contemporary Artists (WCA) 30th Anniversary and Finale (CLICK HERE FOR THE POSTCARD)


  • “Left to Right” – 1st Place - Susan Boehm – Lake Geneva, WI
  • “Hidden in Plain Sight RP” – 2nd Place – Craig Stocks – Delavan, IL
  • “Reverie” – 3rd Place – Bruce Erickson – Maineville, OH
  • “Abbadon” – Artistic Merit – Barbara Broadwell – Luther, OK
  • “The Name Speaks” – Artistic Merit – Kyle Rogers – Garland, TX
  • “Nest” – Artistic Merit – Maria Willison – Chattanooga, TN
  • “Gossip Girls” – Gallery Choice – Pat Kumicich – Naples, FL

The Northwest Area Arts Council and the Old Court House Arts Center announce the winners of Real People 2014 and extends congratulations to all the winners and participants in this year's show. CLICK HERE

Click or Scan the barcode to see the gallery companion with all the artwork...

The slideshows will be coming soon, so please check back again. There will be two versions of the slide show, because some computers, tablets, phones do and some do not support Flash format. See more information at our web site. REALPEOPLE.NAAC4ART.ORG

CLAY MIRTH 2014: These talented potters bring their own take on clay objects. Works both large and small will delight the eyes and display many different textures to show off the tactile nature of clay.

THE WORKSHOP FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS 30TH ANNIVERSARY AND FINALE SHOW: This is the Swan Song-Finale to be presented by the WCA.. After 30 years of creating unique and contemplative two and three dimensional works of art this retrospective will be their last group show. The Old Court House Arts Center is proud to be the venue for this last look.


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